Sunday, November 11, 2012

October in Pictures...LOTS of pictures...

 *The first week of October our school district has what they call Fall Break. It is the best break they could've come up with. This year, we bought a tent and headed to Refugio Beach.*
 *One of my favorite pics from the trip*
 *The weather could not have been more perfect*
 *This happy guy*
 *Watching Daddy during an evening surf session*
 *Watching her Daddy surf*
 *Holding a teeny tiny sand crab for the first time without screaming bloody murder*

 *First family bike ride. SOOO much fun. Well I guess it really wasn't THAT great. It was late afternoon, the kids were tired and it didn't last long. But the idea of it, I loved. I grew up camping at Refugio and El Capitan so it was fun going on the bike rides that I went on as a kid with my own family now.*
 *While we were watching Daddy surf that evening the tide was down and some other people showed us this starfish they found. I thought it was super cool, the girls didn't even touch it. Oh well.*
 *This trip could not have been any more perfect. We went as just a family, my mom came up one day which was nice, and I can't wait for many more camping trips like this.*
 *These two...*
 *So one day Danny went to work with Maverick's carseat in his truck, leaving me with nothing. Long story short, we got to borrow a friend's carseat which had a very girly carseat cover. The girls decided to change Maverick's name to Pixie Dust and dress him up.*
 *This little guy is 7 months old, has 6 teeth, can sit up on his own and army crawl's everywhere.*
 *The first glimpse of rain and this one suited up and went to play!*
 *Oh to be a kid...*
 *Devan's preschool had a field trip to Lombardi Ranch*

 *Danny went on a 5 day hunting trip in the Sierra's I think...? He rode 6 hours on horseback to get to their camp. I didn't get to talk to him the whole time, but everything on our end went fine. Day 2 of hunting he shot a deer. He had a great time and said he was an amazing expereince.*
 *Opened the outdoor fridge one day to find this. I know a lot of people are against hunting, although I'm not sure why. This deer has provided us with some of the healthiest meat you can find...and some pretty awesome decor. :)*
 *While Danny was at work one day Remi ended up at the vet to get some stitches in her ear. Not sure exactly what happened...but it was right at feeding time when all the animals stand at the back door. And if you are standing near Alice(the pig) when she is hungry, you better watch out. :-/ Thankful for good friends/neighbors, Uncle Chris Reno came to the rescue and took Remi for me.*
 *Drugged up doggy with a cone...pretty funny. Poor Remi dog.*
 *Since school is in full swing and Danny works in Pasadena, we don't get to the fire station to visit him very often. So we made the effort and got to see him, and luckily we were able to hang for about 25 minuets before they had to go.*

 *Our little soccer girl. This was Taylor's first season ever playing soccer and she LOVED it!! She ended her season with a bang. She scored a goal from about 3/4 of the field. Basically she was goalie and everyone was in the middle of the field. The ball got kicked toward her, she kicked it up and over everyone's heads and it went straight into the goal. It was pretty cool. The best part was seeing all her little teammates get SO excited and ran over to her and hugged her. What a fun memory.* 
 *Her team was great and she made a lot of new little friends.*
 *She had quite the support group and often had lots of family and friends there to watch her, which was always so much fun.*
 *Mav and his big cousin Gunnar.*
 *We made it to Lombardi Ranch for our annual trip with the Roy's.*
 *We had a good time catching up with them since we don't see them often enough.*
 *Lombardi was just not that great this year, so the kids were pretty much over it within the first 10 minutes.*
 *Still cherishing these moments with this little guy. I mean how am I supposed to put him to bed when he's looking at me like that!?*
 *Been waking up earlier these days and had been enjoying these sunrises, until the time change... :(*
 *Last minute Mary costume for Cubbies*
 *Our annual pumpkin carving night with the cousins*

 *Way of transportation to their first trick or treating destination to uncle chris and aunty dena's house*
When I was going through pictures for this post I could not believe how jam packed our October was. On to Novemeber which holds our niece Riley's birthday, Devan's 5th birthday, Thanksgiving which will be spent at the fire station. This year we are planning on going to A Day in the Dirt where Danny is going to race and Taylor is considering her first race. Followed by December with Christmas, my mother in laws bday and my big 3-0!! Can't believe I'm gonnna be 30. Actually kind of looking forward to it. Hopefully I will be back sooner than later to post again before the new year. :)

Saturday, October 6, 2012

6 Months

Oh my little Mav...can't believe he's 6 months already...soon to be 7 months. Life is super busy, hence the lack of posts, but I wanted to squeeze in this post real quick before he turns 1. This big guy weighed 17lbs14oz and was 28.5" long at his appointment. He has his 2 bottom teeth and constantly chewing on things, so I'm sure there are more coming soon. He can kinda sit up on his own for a little bit but I have to force him to bend, he likes to stay straight. He now has the army crawl down and I'm sure that official crawling is not far behind. He still is the happiest baby ever. He got his first fever/cold a couple days ago and still is happy as can be. As far as sleeping goes, he still thinks its a waste of his precious time. The moments that he lays his head on my shoulder or falls asleep on me I cherish as long as possible, because it does not happen often. 6 months also marks his first haircut. I was SO not ready to do this, but it needed to be done.  The joy that this little guy has brought to our family is overwhelming. SO SO thankful for this little boy....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Maternity Pics

So as nice as it would've been to have professional pics's just not my style. Too much effort...I know I absolutely would've loved them had I put the effort into making it happen...oh well.  I never had the chance to do it when I was pregnant with the girls, so why start now? ha Lame excuse, I know. So instead, we hand the camera to the girls and just make sure we get a few pics of me big and pregnant so I never forget what I looked like going full term. No matching outfits either. =) Here are just a few funny ones.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Months

Wow! Can't believe its been almost 2 months since I wrote last. Time is def flying by. As you can see, my little Mav is 5 months old. Cannot believe it. I don't even know where to start with this little guy. I never in a million years would have ever thought that this guy would bring SO much joy to our lives. I can't help but smile all day every day. It really is pretty much impossible to have a bad day with him around. I really was nervous about bringing home a full term baby. I had always credited the NICU for our girls being such good babies. I thought it was the scheduling that the NICU put them on or that we had gone through enough with them being early and not being able to come home right away that the Lord decided to bless us with easy infants. Well, I was wrong. This full term baby is just as happy and easy going as they were, if not even more. Sleep on the other hand is another story. The girls were the best sleepers. Maverick, he thinks sleep is over-rated. Why sleep and miss all the action!? He doesn't want to miss a thing. The lack of sleeping really doesn't bother me. He is still super happy all the time, and he's the third kid, so he's getting schlepted(is that how you spell that??) around from one place to the next. Needless to say, I'm really soaking up this "perfect baby" thing. Cause I know pretty soon here he's gonna turn in to a handful. I just know it.

Lots more to catch up on. Hopefully I'll be able to return soon. We had a great time at the river the last week of summer. Taylor waterskiied for the first time. School has started for our 2nd grader, and Devan is about to start preschool on Monday. Taylor started soccer and is loving it! It has been awesome to see her growing in all different ways. Gotten a few DIY projects done around the house and starting many more. Life has been SO incredibly busy but good!! That's all for now.