Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Life

Wow, I am full of so many raw emotions at the moment. Tonight was a very special night. It actually started off pretty rough, the girls were both in big trouble, but through the bad it got us to a point with Taylor where she decided she was ready to admit that she was a sinner and was ready to give her life to Christ. What an amazing experience. It has been in the works for quite some time. I have had many conversations with her, she has asked questions, but was never quite ready. I could tell she took this very seriously and wanted to understand what it really meant before she prayed "the prayer". Tonight she was ready. Danny explained it to her really well and left her with "whenever you're ready". She got ready for bed and came into the bathroom with me where I was actually washing her hands and feet from playing in the dirt and she told me she was ready. She prayed the cutest prayer and immediately was filled with joy! It was such a special moment and I wanted to be sure to write it down so I never forget it. She called my mom and dad to tell them "the good news" and they obviously were thrilled. A little while later my mom texted me to thank me for sharing "the news" with them and she told me to go read and read what Daisy's mom wrote. For those of you that don't know, Daisy is a little 8 year old girl that just lost her battle with cancer. It all hit a little too close to home as Taylor will be 8 in a few weeks. This could be a whole other blog post, but I've been working on spending less time worrying about my messy house, to stop and play with my kids. What Daisy's mom wrote reinforced this importance:

"My final request to all who read this blog: love. Love your babies, your husbands, mothers, sisters. Love each day like it’s your last. All you mamas out there, you have been entrusted with the precious gift of a human life who depends on you. Enjoy your gift. Breathe in the scent of your child’s hair, breath. Let them cook with you and make a mess of the kitchen. Play hide and seek with them, build sand castles with them, take them on picnics, read to them! Listen to them, value and respect them, never shame them. Your words they will carry with them their whole life and you have the power to give them wings or stunt their growth. Motherhood can be tough but it’s worth it. It can be exhausting, boring, tedious, but never for long. You blink and they’re grown. It has been my honor and privilege to love Daisy these last 8 years. I’m thankful for every minute; the joyful and the terrible alike."

So let the laundry pile up, leave those dirty dishes in the sink and enjoy your precious gifts...