Thursday, January 28, 2010

Needed a reminder...

Babies and prego bellies everywhere!! Tis the season I guess... Found this slideshow from a post I made back in June. Just needed a reminder as to why it's not a good idea for me to get pregnant again for a third time. I've been struggling with my "just 1 more!!" attitude. We'll add to our family somehow.... But SO, SO, SO thankful for the 2 miracles we have already been blessed with! :)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thumbs a good weekend.

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Just got back from a little vacation! We left Thursday and headed down to the river. Danny's parents joined us down there Friday morning. We had a blast! Didn't do a whole lot, but just had fun hanging out and relaxing. Danny taught me how to drive a stick(that jeep in the pics) and sent me up and down these hills! The girls had fun with the motorcycle. As you can tell in the pics Devan loves it and gets sad when it's time to stop! And Taylor's getting better each time she get's on it. From the river on Sunday morning, Danny and I left and headed to Palm Springs for our 6th anniversary. We stayed at the Rancho Las Palmas and enjoyed hanging out just the 2 of us. Funny story about the presents we gave each other. I got Danny a new wedding ring, and had Kate go downtown to get it with me from our jeweler in the jewelery district. The next day, Danny talked to Kate and took her downtown to the same place to get me another band for my ring. So it was funny...we laughed when we opened up our new rings and then figured out we both took kate with us to the same place a day apart. Thanks Kate!! Overall it was really nice to get away, but it's nice to be home now and looking forward to being cozy this rainy week!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Evening Moto

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Just a quick little post. This evening we went to a house of Clay's that's right up the street from our house up Hasley canyon. Had a blast riding motorcycles and watching the kids run around. Times like these make us really appreciate where we live and the things our kids get to experience.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

There's nothing like bringing in the new year and turning another year older with a good old bathroom fire! Good thing our friend Norty was there, who may have discovered a new career in firefighting! Anyways, guess it's not a good idea to have a roll of toilet paper sitting anywhere near a candle. So I'm another year older...My wonderful husband, family, and friends threw me a birthday party! I HATE having my birthday on new years eve, but this year was made extra special. My day started with a manicure with my good friend Molly, followed by some quick shopping and lunch with Molly and Amy! Then went to Burbank and did our Nichols side xmas and had a family birthday dinner and ice cream. Then went home and rang in the new year with MOST, not all, of our closest friends and family. We had yummy food, cocktails, an awesome game of celebrities, trampoline jumping, fires, delicious (but teeth dying) cake, and good company! Thank you SO much to my amazing husband and everyone else who helped out and came to my party. It was so nice to feel loved!!