Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

There's nothing like bringing in the new year and turning another year older with a good old bathroom fire! Good thing our friend Norty was there, who may have discovered a new career in firefighting! Anyways, guess it's not a good idea to have a roll of toilet paper sitting anywhere near a candle. So I'm another year older...My wonderful husband, family, and friends threw me a birthday party! I HATE having my birthday on new years eve, but this year was made extra special. My day started with a manicure with my good friend Molly, followed by some quick shopping and lunch with Molly and Amy! Then went to Burbank and did our Nichols side xmas and had a family birthday dinner and ice cream. Then went home and rang in the new year with MOST, not all, of our closest friends and family. We had yummy food, cocktails, an awesome game of celebrities, trampoline jumping, fires, delicious (but teeth dying) cake, and good company! Thank you SO much to my amazing husband and everyone else who helped out and came to my party. It was so nice to feel loved!!

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  1. Waaawwwhhhh, I'm SUPER bummed we couldn't be there.Would have been a perfect party! Instead I was taking out someones smelly appendix, and cutting open a mouth and exploring like a spulunker...what a way to bring in the new year. I love you and hope you had a great time. Miss you guys MUCHO!