Sunday, July 1, 2012

Summer Happenings

 *The start of Danny building us a new kitchen table*
 *Maverick and his buddy Liam*
 *Great day at the beach with great friends*
 *FINALLY starting to work on backyard*
 *Summer morning breakfast and a movie*
 *Our little thumb sucker*
 *Happiest baby ever*
 *Poured path #2*
 *Taylor just finished a great week at VBS! 1,500 kids!!*

 *Chatting away with his big sis*
 *Dancing to Justin Bieber on way to beach*
 *Enjoying our summer evenings*
 *Nausha Family 2012*
 *summer wouldn't be complete without a lemonade stand-not too profitable living on a culdesac*

 *quick trip to the outlets before Gunnar's travel baseball game in Camarillo*
 *Enjoying our neighbors pool*
 *Wedding with the hubs*
Summer has been great so far. Nothing REAL exciting going on. Just keeping super busy with who knows what. Danny has been working a lot lately and when he's off, we've been working around the house. We've made it to the beach a couple times so far and the weather has been amazing every time, which is rare. Maverick is awesome. Not much to say about this little guy. Danny and I still can't believe we have a baby. He is just the coolest little guy ever. SO SO happy and content. The way he looks at me and smiles, even when he is drifting off to sleep, melts my heart every time. So cheesy I know... ;-) Taylor is THE most amazing big sister ever. She has loved holding him and helping out from the start, but I would've thought the newness of it all would eventually wear off. It hasn't. She is gonna be such a great little mommy one day. Her and Devan drive me crazy some days. It's best to keep them busy doing something, which can be hard, especially when Danny's working 3 days in a row and I'm trying to keep up on everything, or should I say not fall too far behind on everything. We all definately love when Danny's home! Well this is about all I have for now, but bed is calling for me. =)