Friday, December 30, 2011


I'll try to make this fast. Not much in the writing mood. Let's see. Won't go in to too much detail about this pregnancy. Overall, as of today we are doing good. Have had a few bladder infections that has caused some excitement for my uterus and has sent me to the hospital. All is under control as of now. Baby is measuring 2 weeks ahead!! Praise the Lord for that blessing!! I will be 28 weeks this weekend and they think he weighs just over 3lbs already!! Keep growing little man!! Another praise is that I am not confined to bedrest. However, most of my days are spent laying around drinking TONS of water and peeing, but I have the freedom to get up and do as I please. Our families and friends have been AMAZING helping us out. Could not be getting through this without them. And I want to give a special shout out to my husband!! He's awesome and I love him so so much!!! That's all for now!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Shower

 **Shower thrown by these 2 lovely ladies, my SIL Dawn and good friend Molly**

**Biggest Sister to be**

**Big Sis's to be**

**My Momma**

**Grandma's to be**

**Some of my beautiful guest's**

**My family**

**Mom and Aunty Judy**

**The adorable favors SIL Dawn made**

I had such a wonderful time at my shower. I was so touched by all the people that came and the far distances or circumstances they went through to come. My Aunt came all the way from Sacramento. I had a couple friends come from Kingsburg, and several people come from way down south. Nicole, who works with Danny got someone to cover her shift so she could come, and my good friend Amy is about to give birth any minute to her son. So thank you to everyone who was able to come. It meant the world to me. And not to mention how many cute things I got!! I'm not gonna lie, there is SO much ugly boy stuff out there that I thought I was gonna get at least some of it. But nope! I absolutely LOVED everything I got! Thank you so much to Dawn and Molly and everyone else who helped out and showed up for making that day SOOOOO special.

Baby update: well no news is good news. Everything is going good so far. I did have a little trip to Labor and Delivery the night after Thanksgiving due to dehydration. But other than that, my cervix is still nice and thick! =) I will be seeing my dr's more often now and will be watched ever so closely. They will begin the FFN test's which will let them know if I am going to go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Not always 100% accurate, but that's ok. At one ultrasound the little guy was sucking his we may have yet another thumb sucker...but that's ok, I love it! At my last peri appointment Danny wanted to make sure I got a clear picture of "the goods"! So I mentioned that to the ultrasound tech and right when she started my ultrasound this is what we found...

Can't get much more of a clearer shot! Good job little man. Baby's measuring a little bit big, so that's good. The tech kept talking about how big his hands are, which he was showing off as well.

And a little profile shot with his mouth wide open.

I am officially 24 weeks, so for me, the real resting and down time begins. Dr's aren't going to put me on bedrest unless they see a reason for it. So still praying that all continue's to go well. Enjoying being "big". I am the biggest I have ever been pregnant, ever. It is very humbling watching the cottage cheese make it's way down the back of my legs and not be able to do anything about it, but embrace it and keep eating. =)

I can't believe I almost baby turned 4!
Ok, that's all for now. I will try to update more often so my post's aren't so lengthy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Father Daughter Mascarade Dance 2011

Unfortunately my computer is being totally lame right now and is taking FOREVER to download all the pics I wanted to post. So for now, this is what I have. They had a great time at the dance. They left a little early and ended up going to dinner because the food at the dance wasn't that great. I think it is SO cute and special that the PTA at Taylor's school puts on this dance. What a special night for father's and their daughters. =)

Had a high risk dr appointment the other day. It went well. Everything is still looking great. Baby was moving like crazy!! The ultrasound tech estimated him weighing 12 oz. Which I guess the average weight at 19 weeks is 8.5oz. So keep growing little man! We want a big baby!! =) We are now at the 20 week mark. I really can't believe it. 4 more weeks until viability for this little guy. That's when the real resting will begin. Continuing to pray for full term... ;-)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Haps...

So I had a dr appointment the other day. Just me and Dev went...and waited, and waited, and waited. The girl was a champ. Dr was running behind, so we very patiently waited for a little over an hour until he finally came in, checked my cervix, did a quick ultrasound to check the baby, I asked about bedrest and we were on our way. Good news about bedrest, I'm not gonna be put on it for no reason. I will be monitered so closely that if they see reason to, then they will. Of course I am going to take it even much easier come 24ish weeks, but I was relieved to find out I wasn't going to be put on bedrest just because.

Yesterday was a fun day. It was The Race Around the Lake out here in our hometown. Danny used to race this race as a kid, so it was fun that they brought it back. It was a very special treat to have MOST of our family from both sides there. Aunty Marina was there, Aunty Kate and the boys, Grandma Linda and Unky, Aunty Dawn and Riley and Gavin. After the races the rest of my family, except brother Brian, suprise suprise, came out for dinner and ice cream and a fun trampoline session. =)

                                                                    All the cousins!!

In other not so exciting or suprising news, I am still overwhelmed by all the "stuff" we have in our house. I am SLOWLY getting rid of some things. Now that I have moved the girls in together in their new room, and know that I can start getting rid of some girls things now that we are having a boy, it is getting a little easier to know what to get rid of. Our closet is still an area that I am not satified with. I still feel like we have too much. I came across an interesting blog this morning and may give it a try. Check it out here, it's called Project 333. I may not follow it exactly, but it sounds like a fun little challenge. My latest goal that I would like to accomplish is sewing. I just feel like it is a good skill to have and feel that it would help me save money for our family. Plus, I am repulsed at how much things cost in stores. I can't bring myself to buy one decorative pillow for $30. Just not gonna do it. So I want to learn how to make a pillow cover myself. Or learn how to make cute simple skirts for the girls. Anyways, totally random, but that's on my list of things to learn. =)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Long Update...

Well I wrote a big long post but never posted it. I've been very emotional about certain things, but then I don't like how it comes out when I write. So maybe I'll express some things in this post, but I'm going to do it in bullets so it's short and too the point. Here's the latest in no particular order:

  • Here is my ghetto pregnancy picture. =) This is me at 17 weeks, as I am now approaching my 18th week. Starting to feel the little guy here and there. That is my favorite part of being pregnant. I love laying in bed at night and just staring at my belly as it moves. Things have been going well. I have been feeling the best I have probably felt thus far. I have a regular OB appointment on Wednesday where hopefully I will get more info on bedrest and when that'll begin. I started my progesterone fun fun. Emotional is the best way for me to sum up this pregnancy so far. It is going well, but it is emotional in almost every way. I have been enjoying the down time though. I honestly couldn't wait to get pregnant because I knew it would mean we would have to slow down. The only part I don't like is feeling like I have to explain or justify why I don't want to socially do things. Some people around me just don't understand our situation and I don't expect them too, but I am taking this pregnancy very seriously. My main concern right now is myself and this baby and taking care of my family and my house. So hanging out with friends and doing extra fun stuff can wait until after I do everything I can to bring a healthy and as close to full term baby into this world. =-)
  • I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy thing, but for some reason I now am very anxious at night when Danny is at work. Ever since we have been married he's been on the same type of schedule and I've never had this problem. I am not an anxious person and never have been until now, only at night when he's gone. I don't sleep well at all. Been praying a lot and have borrowed some good books to read from my sis-in-law.
  • Taylor got a hand-me-down bigger bike. Danny had a blast fixing it up. It turned out quite nice. Danny loved bmx'ing when he was younger so of course he is thrilled to have a little girl who loves to ride her bike and isn't afraid to try new tricks. 

  • This past Wednesday I got to go with Taylor to her night of Girls of Grace. It's a girls group she does every week at church. This week it was a Mother/Daughter dessert. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Even though I was SO exhausted that day, and so was Taylow, we had had a rough afternoon and definately needed some special Mom and Taylor time.
  • This little girl has been quite a challenge for me lately. I have never been really good with girls. I don't have much compassion and patience for overly sensitive girls. And guess what I have? A very overly sensitive daughter... who I absolutely adore. I love that she is sensitive, she is very caring, compassionate and thoughtful. There is nothing wrong with her being over sensitive. It is who she is and we are all over sensitive at times in our lives. I AM the one that is wrong. And I fail SO often with her. I think this little girl is going to teach me a lot over the next couple of years, as she already has. I have a lot to work on. =)
  • And this little one...never a dull moment with her either. She follows in her sister's dramatic footsteps. If Taylor is on the phone crying to Danny about something, Devan will ask to talk to him and cry about whatever Taylor was just saying. The imagination on this one blows my mind. She walks around the house all day talking to imaginary people and pretend playing. It is VERY entertaining and fun to watch.
  • Missing the days when these girls were young and didn't have to go to school. A lot of my other friends are at that stage with young kids and I wish I could go back in time. It's definately not an easier time, but I miss just having every day to plan and do whatever we wanted. So friends, enjoy your time home with your kids because school comes WAY too fast!!
  • Both of these girls have been a handful lately. Yes, they get along and have fun together and laugh a lot. But I'd be lying if i said it was always like that. Cause it's not. Taylor is Devan's second mom. Always on her or correcting her if she's doing something wrong. We are constantly reminding her to be her big sister. Just have fun with her! Leave the parenting to us. Then you have Devan. Our little ball of fire. We are working a lot with her on how she talks to people. She has quite the attitude and the way she talks, especially to Taylor, is unexceptable in our household. And her temper, she's easily angered. Needless to say, we are working on a LOT of heart issues in this house...including my own. But loving and enjoying these girls so much. Parenting is NOT an easy job at all but it is so rewarding when you see your children putting in to action what you've been training them to do. These girls are such a joy and I feel so blessed to be their mom. Can't wait to add some more testosterone to this house that is OVERFLOWING with estrogen!! ;-)
  • We have officially moved the girls in together in one room. You might think that is a bad idea espcially with all the fighting, but truthfully I think it's exactly what they need. As I am typing this now, they are up in bed giggling away. We've been having fun starting to redecorate and get rid of things and organize. And yes, our family closet is still working out GREAT!! Although, obviously the laundry piles up much faster since it's all going in the same place so I really need to stay on top of it. Also still loving my homemade laundry detergent!!
  • Danny went hunting up the street the other morning and came home with this. He took the meat to a butcher, so we'll have plenty of deer meat. He saved the antlers and they will be going in the baby's room. =)
  • Went out last night with some childhood friends Emily and Rachel. Had a great time catching up and wandering IKEA getting some things for the girls room.
  • If anyone wants a glimpse of what we went through with Devan when she was born you can check out some pics here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Break and things...

My phone has been a little bit silly sending my pics to my email so I can upload them here, so we'll see how many pics I actually end up with for this post. This week is Fall Break for Taylor at school. I don't know why they have it but I LOVE it!!! Danny took Monday off so he could do something fun with the kids. We decided on a very last minute trip to Lombardi Ranch where Amy and Sophie were able to come join us too! Very fun and special for being so last minute. We even ran into our cousins Riley and Gavin while we were there!! We grabbed lunch at Chipotle afterwards where I downed a whole burritto.**side note: at my dr appointment yesterday I had gained 6 pounds. I swear it was from that burritto! gotta go back there!** That evening Danny and BIL(brother in law) Chris loaded up Chris's truck and took the kids camping at Castaic Lake. They had SO much fun. Us mom's were not invited along for the trip, but later that evening we got an invite to come have some smore's. They woke up the next morning and fished before they headed home. They unloaded, ate lunch and then took the kids ice skating. We then went to our friends house for dinner. 2 very full days equaled two very tired girls who slept in till 8:45 on this cozy rainy morning. =)

Had a high risk dr appointment yesterday that went well. Like I said earlier I gained 6 pounds which was so good to see. At the beginning of my pregnancy I got the flu really bad one night and I lost 2 pounds and up until the other day I had only gained back those 2 pounds. Baby, cervix, everything looked great. I guess I have some notching on my left side, which is a resistence  in blood flow to the uterus. Not too big of a deal at this point. Doesn't affect the baby, it could just mean high blood pressure for me towards the end. But usually notching goes away on its own. They confirmed it's a BOY!!! So that was pretty exciting. Still in awe that I'm pregnant, and in shock that it's a boy. So thankful. Done with the progesterone suppossitories and I start the progestrone shots in 2 weeks, that thankfully Danny will be able to give me once a week.

My latest organizing adventure around here has been our closet. I turned it into a "family closet" yesterday. Sounds crazy I know. I've actually heard of a few families doing this. Mostly BIG families, like the Duggars, but even for our family of 4, it sounded like a great idea. See, one of the things I struggle with most is clothes. We have clothes ALL over our house. In the garage, in the front room, on the steps, in the laundry room, on the floor in the girls rooms, on the floor and bathroom of our room. SO, since we are moving the girls into one room soon anyways, and they will have limited clothing space, I decided to move everyone's clothes into our closet. We have a pretty big closet, so this obviously wouldn't work for everyone. So far, I LOVE it!! Much easier for me to have 1 central place that all clothes go to be put away and 1 place for all dirty clothes to wait to be washed. I think I'm also going to buy a few more laundry baskets so instead of one basket that all dirty clothes go into, and then have to be sorted, I'll just have a basket for each color load that the clothes will automatically go into. Anyways, just trying it out for now. Trying to make things as simple as possible around here. 

And just for a laugh, while our husbands and kids were camping the other night, Dawn and I went to the mall. I was in need for some comfy jeans. I knew that it was time for some new ones, I just  forgot how badly I needed them ASAP. I had TOTALLY forgot about this little hole I had in the jeans I was wearing, until I was in a dressing room at the first store we went to and noticed the hole and that it had gotten a little bigger. Oh well...But the good news is, I found a new pair of jeans. =)

Friday, September 30, 2011

Pinterest Project

First Pinterest project completed. I will make another one and I will do it a little differently. I didn't have enough small nuts so I added some bigger ones. Feel like its a bit too much. So think I'll make another one with the right amount of small ones. Super cute and easy to do!!

Homemade laundry soap and then some...

Ok, so this is too awesome not to post. I've been looking to cut costs in every place possible. So when I came across a few people who have made their own laundry soap with these few easy and cheap ingredients I had to give it a try. I don't like complicated projects or recipes. It needs to be simple, I need to know what all the ingredients are, and I like to be able to get them all a one store. Borax, Washing Soap and a bar of soap is all you need. I have seen 2 different recipes and I know there are many more, but this one is the most basic. I made mine after this recipie here. I have also become a fan of white vinegar. I know this is really nothing new, I'm just a bit behind jumping on the band wagon. There are SO many uses for white vinegar. Check some uses out here. I also add some in my laundry where the softner goes, and no, your clothes do not smell AT ALL!!

In other exciting news, Taylor lost one of her big front teeth. Pretty funny! Big exciting stuff for a 6 year old! =)

And last but not least, embarassingly, a belly shot. My pregnancy with Taylor, luckily the week before I ended up having her, I was down visiting my parents and my mom snapped a few pics of me before I headed home. Those are the only pics I have of being pregnant with her. Being pregnant with Devan, I have a few more cheesy belly shots, thanks to the fact that I was submitting some for maternity modeling. So this time around I'm making a concious effort to take more pics, even if they are cheesy iphone pics taken at 10:00 at night. =) My pregnancies have been such a blur. By the time I'd finally start showing I would deliver 5 minutes later. Not really, but you get my point. This time around, I feel like I have a belly earlier than I ever have and I have been enjoying every growing minute. So thankful for my growing bump. I had an impromptu dr visit this past Monday due to some shooting pains I was having on Sunday. But everything checked out great. Cervix is great and baby, who looked like a bird in 4D, looked great too! I have a high risk appointment on Tuesday. Looking forward to seeing baby again and hopefully confirming the sex. Here it is! =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So far....

...they think it's a BOY!!!!!! The more I thought about it, most people who read this probably already have heard. We've been hesistant to REALLY be excited because it is still SO early...I can't even believe you can tell already!! BUT his little boy parts are what the ultrasound tech kept giggling at cause he kept showing them off! Then the dr came in a confirmed, but obviously said they aren't allowed to say forsure because it's so early. Then the next day, my ob said boy as well, and that was with his legs crossed. Danny was in shock and really didn't want to believe it. I want to cry every time I think about it, because that again just magnifies the Lord's hand in all of this. My girls have specifically prayed for a baby boy the last couple of years EVERY single night. BUT, if somehow everyone ends up wrong, we will be just as excited for another girl. We are just so thankful to be adding to our family...Lord willing.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Appointments

Well both my dr appointments went well last week! Thursday I got to see my highrisk OB and loved him. I got a very long and detailed ultrasound so that was fun to see the baby so much. We weren't going to find out what we were least that was the plan...Danny's idea, not mine. Danny REALLY didn't want to find out, I did, but because he really didn't want to, we weren't going to. BUT, during our ultrasound, which I'm only 12 weeks so we weren't expecting to be able to find out anyways, the tech chuckled. And then she chuckled again and told us why. I'm not going to say all the details, because at this point I don't think I'm going to tell what she saw. But the dr came in and said the same thing, and then the next day at my regular ob appointment he saw the same thing as well!! So we found out what we think we are having so far but I go back in a couple weeks again, so we'll confirm it then. But everything looked great. My cervix looked good, which is probably the main thing they are monitoring with me. I will start once a week progesterone shots at 17 weeks. As of now, there is no specific start date for strict bedrest. I am starting to feel pretty good, which my MIL was hoping wouldn't happen, cause I start doing too much. =) But I am still just trying to take it easy, enjoying my days with Devan while Taylor is at school.

Devan started cubbies last night at LOVED it!! It was so cute seeing her so excited and being there with all her little friends. =) Since Taylor is not doing AWANA this year, it gives me special time with just her which we both loved last night. Wednesday Taylor starts her group called Girls of Grace, and then I'll have special time with just Devan. So kinda fun how that works out. Danny is in Wisconsin again, doing a final inspection on some fire trucks that they bought. Looking forward to his return on Thursday. I guess that's all for now!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My little hunter

We went to the river for Dove opener. For those of you who don't know, Sept 1st in the first day you can hunt dove. It has always been a big day for Danny since he was a kid. This year, he got to continue the tradition on with Taylor. Like I've mentioned before, who needs boys?? This little girl got up at 4am with all the guys, decked out in all her camo gear and her new gun. She shot her gun a couple of times, and with the help of her daddy, she shot her first dove. She was quite the trooper and while she did enjoy the experience, if you ask her about it, pretty much all she will tell you is how terribly hot it was. I was especially proud of her this trip because she attempted to waterski!! Something I didn't attempt until I was a few years older than her because I was too afraid. She didn't get up and she got a ton of water in her face. So she didn't really like it, but she did try again. We'll have her up and skiing next summer. =)
Overall it was a great trip.  A couple friends came to hang and go hunting and the grandparents were there so that's always a special treat for the girls.

Pregnancy update: Guess I haven't said much about being pregnant. I think I am still in shock. We prayed about it for SO long and even tried for quite awhile, so it's hard to believe I'm actually pregnant now. It has been such a different experience this time around. I guess when you think you can't have something, and then you find out that you can, and then it takes a really long time to get it, you really appreciate it a lot more, which I am so thankful for. Seeing that heartbeat for the first time was so surreal for both Danny and I. I'm so thankful for the years that we spent praying for wisdom and direction about adding to our family. I'm so thankful for how long it took for me to get pregnant because now, I have SO much peace in the unpredictable and long journey that lies ahead of us.

So far everything is going pretty good. Aside from the fact that I already can't do much before my tummy gets "tired". This time around I am super sensitive to every little thing I feel so I'm just trying to rest a lot and take good care of myself. The girls are SUPER excited. Taylor of course if over the moon. It has been SO special sharing this experience with her. If things went "my way" I never would've wanted my kids this far apart. But "God's way" has been working out much better than I ever would've imagined. Go figure. ;) Devan has actually surprised me how much she talks about the baby. I didn't think she would care too much, but she actually talks about the baby all the time. "Does the baby like spicy?' "Does the baby like ice cream?" She rubs my belly often and gives it kisses already. Pretty cute.

As of now I'm taking progesterone suppossitories twice a day and don't really have any other restrictions than the normal pregnant lady. I go see my highrisk OB on thursday and my regular OB on Friday. I think we'll find out if I'm going to get a cerclage or not. I think at some point instead of suppossitories I will start getting the progesterone shot twice a week. Bedrest is also a forsure thing in my future. We'll deal with that when the time comes. It has been neat already seeing our friends and family offereing to help out. My mom told me the other day that she told her boss that I'm pregnant and that I'll be on bedrest so she'll be needing to help me. It's bringing tears to my eyes just typing it, because it really meant so much to me that my mom would be putting her work on the backburner so she could help us out. There is no way that we would be able to be doing this on our own, so to really truly have the support that we do is such a blessing.'s to a LONG pregnancy!!!!! =)

Saturday, August 20, 2011

And little alien blob.....

...makes 5. Baby Nausha due end of March...most likely sooner. ;-)