Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Fall Break and things...

My phone has been a little bit silly sending my pics to my email so I can upload them here, so we'll see how many pics I actually end up with for this post. This week is Fall Break for Taylor at school. I don't know why they have it but I LOVE it!!! Danny took Monday off so he could do something fun with the kids. We decided on a very last minute trip to Lombardi Ranch where Amy and Sophie were able to come join us too! Very fun and special for being so last minute. We even ran into our cousins Riley and Gavin while we were there!! We grabbed lunch at Chipotle afterwards where I downed a whole burritto.**side note: at my dr appointment yesterday I had gained 6 pounds. I swear it was from that burritto! gotta go back there!** That evening Danny and BIL(brother in law) Chris loaded up Chris's truck and took the kids camping at Castaic Lake. They had SO much fun. Us mom's were not invited along for the trip, but later that evening we got an invite to come have some smore's. They woke up the next morning and fished before they headed home. They unloaded, ate lunch and then took the kids ice skating. We then went to our friends house for dinner. 2 very full days equaled two very tired girls who slept in till 8:45 on this cozy rainy morning. =)

Had a high risk dr appointment yesterday that went well. Like I said earlier I gained 6 pounds which was so good to see. At the beginning of my pregnancy I got the flu really bad one night and I lost 2 pounds and up until the other day I had only gained back those 2 pounds. Baby, cervix, everything looked great. I guess I have some notching on my left side, which is a resistence  in blood flow to the uterus. Not too big of a deal at this point. Doesn't affect the baby, it could just mean high blood pressure for me towards the end. But usually notching goes away on its own. They confirmed it's a BOY!!! So that was pretty exciting. Still in awe that I'm pregnant, and in shock that it's a boy. So thankful. Done with the progesterone suppossitories and I start the progestrone shots in 2 weeks, that thankfully Danny will be able to give me once a week.

My latest organizing adventure around here has been our closet. I turned it into a "family closet" yesterday. Sounds crazy I know. I've actually heard of a few families doing this. Mostly BIG families, like the Duggars, but even for our family of 4, it sounded like a great idea. See, one of the things I struggle with most is clothes. We have clothes ALL over our house. In the garage, in the front room, on the steps, in the laundry room, on the floor in the girls rooms, on the floor and bathroom of our room. SO, since we are moving the girls into one room soon anyways, and they will have limited clothing space, I decided to move everyone's clothes into our closet. We have a pretty big closet, so this obviously wouldn't work for everyone. So far, I LOVE it!! Much easier for me to have 1 central place that all clothes go to be put away and 1 place for all dirty clothes to wait to be washed. I think I'm also going to buy a few more laundry baskets so instead of one basket that all dirty clothes go into, and then have to be sorted, I'll just have a basket for each color load that the clothes will automatically go into. Anyways, just trying it out for now. Trying to make things as simple as possible around here. 

And just for a laugh, while our husbands and kids were camping the other night, Dawn and I went to the mall. I was in need for some comfy jeans. I knew that it was time for some new ones, I just  forgot how badly I needed them ASAP. I had TOTALLY forgot about this little hole I had in the jeans I was wearing, until I was in a dressing room at the first store we went to and noticed the hole and that it had gotten a little bigger. Oh well...But the good news is, I found a new pair of jeans. =)

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