Friday, October 21, 2011

Long Update...

Well I wrote a big long post but never posted it. I've been very emotional about certain things, but then I don't like how it comes out when I write. So maybe I'll express some things in this post, but I'm going to do it in bullets so it's short and too the point. Here's the latest in no particular order:

  • Here is my ghetto pregnancy picture. =) This is me at 17 weeks, as I am now approaching my 18th week. Starting to feel the little guy here and there. That is my favorite part of being pregnant. I love laying in bed at night and just staring at my belly as it moves. Things have been going well. I have been feeling the best I have probably felt thus far. I have a regular OB appointment on Wednesday where hopefully I will get more info on bedrest and when that'll begin. I started my progesterone fun fun. Emotional is the best way for me to sum up this pregnancy so far. It is going well, but it is emotional in almost every way. I have been enjoying the down time though. I honestly couldn't wait to get pregnant because I knew it would mean we would have to slow down. The only part I don't like is feeling like I have to explain or justify why I don't want to socially do things. Some people around me just don't understand our situation and I don't expect them too, but I am taking this pregnancy very seriously. My main concern right now is myself and this baby and taking care of my family and my house. So hanging out with friends and doing extra fun stuff can wait until after I do everything I can to bring a healthy and as close to full term baby into this world. =-)
  • I'm not sure if it's the pregnancy thing, but for some reason I now am very anxious at night when Danny is at work. Ever since we have been married he's been on the same type of schedule and I've never had this problem. I am not an anxious person and never have been until now, only at night when he's gone. I don't sleep well at all. Been praying a lot and have borrowed some good books to read from my sis-in-law.
  • Taylor got a hand-me-down bigger bike. Danny had a blast fixing it up. It turned out quite nice. Danny loved bmx'ing when he was younger so of course he is thrilled to have a little girl who loves to ride her bike and isn't afraid to try new tricks. 

  • This past Wednesday I got to go with Taylor to her night of Girls of Grace. It's a girls group she does every week at church. This week it was a Mother/Daughter dessert. It couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Even though I was SO exhausted that day, and so was Taylow, we had had a rough afternoon and definately needed some special Mom and Taylor time.
  • This little girl has been quite a challenge for me lately. I have never been really good with girls. I don't have much compassion and patience for overly sensitive girls. And guess what I have? A very overly sensitive daughter... who I absolutely adore. I love that she is sensitive, she is very caring, compassionate and thoughtful. There is nothing wrong with her being over sensitive. It is who she is and we are all over sensitive at times in our lives. I AM the one that is wrong. And I fail SO often with her. I think this little girl is going to teach me a lot over the next couple of years, as she already has. I have a lot to work on. =)
  • And this little one...never a dull moment with her either. She follows in her sister's dramatic footsteps. If Taylor is on the phone crying to Danny about something, Devan will ask to talk to him and cry about whatever Taylor was just saying. The imagination on this one blows my mind. She walks around the house all day talking to imaginary people and pretend playing. It is VERY entertaining and fun to watch.
  • Missing the days when these girls were young and didn't have to go to school. A lot of my other friends are at that stage with young kids and I wish I could go back in time. It's definately not an easier time, but I miss just having every day to plan and do whatever we wanted. So friends, enjoy your time home with your kids because school comes WAY too fast!!
  • Both of these girls have been a handful lately. Yes, they get along and have fun together and laugh a lot. But I'd be lying if i said it was always like that. Cause it's not. Taylor is Devan's second mom. Always on her or correcting her if she's doing something wrong. We are constantly reminding her to be her big sister. Just have fun with her! Leave the parenting to us. Then you have Devan. Our little ball of fire. We are working a lot with her on how she talks to people. She has quite the attitude and the way she talks, especially to Taylor, is unexceptable in our household. And her temper, she's easily angered. Needless to say, we are working on a LOT of heart issues in this house...including my own. But loving and enjoying these girls so much. Parenting is NOT an easy job at all but it is so rewarding when you see your children putting in to action what you've been training them to do. These girls are such a joy and I feel so blessed to be their mom. Can't wait to add some more testosterone to this house that is OVERFLOWING with estrogen!! ;-)
  • We have officially moved the girls in together in one room. You might think that is a bad idea espcially with all the fighting, but truthfully I think it's exactly what they need. As I am typing this now, they are up in bed giggling away. We've been having fun starting to redecorate and get rid of things and organize. And yes, our family closet is still working out GREAT!! Although, obviously the laundry piles up much faster since it's all going in the same place so I really need to stay on top of it. Also still loving my homemade laundry detergent!!
  • Danny went hunting up the street the other morning and came home with this. He took the meat to a butcher, so we'll have plenty of deer meat. He saved the antlers and they will be going in the baby's room. =)
  • Went out last night with some childhood friends Emily and Rachel. Had a great time catching up and wandering IKEA getting some things for the girls room.
  • If anyone wants a glimpse of what we went through with Devan when she was born you can check out some pics here.


  1. :) I know its hard to help others see the importance of a full term pregnancy,... I remember just crying when I would see full term pregnant women or getting SO sad when I would hear a woman complain that she is 38 WEEKS .... I was like... "i would give ANYTHING to be 38 weeks!!!!!" but... its a good reminder to trust the Lord...

    like my grandma would always say... "trust the Lord but lock your doors"! so, yes, trust the Lord, but also like you said, do all you can to give you and the baby the best chance at full term as possible! i get ya! :)


  2. Oh Mama, thank you for being so honest! I'm so utterly tired of reading the perfect blog, with the perfectly coiffed children in perfectly posed pictures. Seriously lady, you're kid wears a huge bow/headband everyday, all day? Barf. The truth is our children, husbands, jobs and lives in general are not perfect. We have to work on what makes us weak and vulnerable in order to reach some degree of comfort and happiness.
    And girl I hear you when it comes to just being a home body. The focus of having a full term baby is no easy task, and sacrificing some social time (cleaning time, craft time, etc.) is completely acceptable when it comes to caring for yourself and your babe.
    I love you so much, and in a weird way I'm comforted to know we are experiencing some of the same challenges in pregnancy. Thank you for being you, and having such a cute belly belly!