Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby Shower

 **Shower thrown by these 2 lovely ladies, my SIL Dawn and good friend Molly**

**Biggest Sister to be**

**Big Sis's to be**

**My Momma**

**Grandma's to be**

**Some of my beautiful guest's**

**My family**

**Mom and Aunty Judy**

**The adorable favors SIL Dawn made**

I had such a wonderful time at my shower. I was so touched by all the people that came and the far distances or circumstances they went through to come. My Aunt came all the way from Sacramento. I had a couple friends come from Kingsburg, and several people come from way down south. Nicole, who works with Danny got someone to cover her shift so she could come, and my good friend Amy is about to give birth any minute to her son. So thank you to everyone who was able to come. It meant the world to me. And not to mention how many cute things I got!! I'm not gonna lie, there is SO much ugly boy stuff out there that I thought I was gonna get at least some of it. But nope! I absolutely LOVED everything I got! Thank you so much to Dawn and Molly and everyone else who helped out and showed up for making that day SOOOOO special.

Baby update: well no news is good news. Everything is going good so far. I did have a little trip to Labor and Delivery the night after Thanksgiving due to dehydration. But other than that, my cervix is still nice and thick! =) I will be seeing my dr's more often now and will be watched ever so closely. They will begin the FFN test's which will let them know if I am going to go into labor in the next 2 weeks. Not always 100% accurate, but that's ok. At one ultrasound the little guy was sucking his we may have yet another thumb sucker...but that's ok, I love it! At my last peri appointment Danny wanted to make sure I got a clear picture of "the goods"! So I mentioned that to the ultrasound tech and right when she started my ultrasound this is what we found...

Can't get much more of a clearer shot! Good job little man. Baby's measuring a little bit big, so that's good. The tech kept talking about how big his hands are, which he was showing off as well.

And a little profile shot with his mouth wide open.

I am officially 24 weeks, so for me, the real resting and down time begins. Dr's aren't going to put me on bedrest unless they see a reason for it. So still praying that all continue's to go well. Enjoying being "big". I am the biggest I have ever been pregnant, ever. It is very humbling watching the cottage cheese make it's way down the back of my legs and not be able to do anything about it, but embrace it and keep eating. =)

I can't believe I almost baby turned 4!
Ok, that's all for now. I will try to update more often so my post's aren't so lengthy.


  1. You're so awesome Mama, keep that boy growing! I love all the pictures, especially the one of Devy; straight out of the seventies! As for the cottage cheese, just embrace that too! It will go away one day, but your baby will always be yours. I'm super excited for you guys, although I love to say 'I can't wait for him to be here', I can wait.
    Love you a bunch!