Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dr. Appointments

Well both my dr appointments went well last week! Thursday I got to see my highrisk OB and loved him. I got a very long and detailed ultrasound so that was fun to see the baby so much. We weren't going to find out what we were having...at least that was the plan...Danny's idea, not mine. Danny REALLY didn't want to find out, I did, but because he really didn't want to, we weren't going to. BUT, during our ultrasound, which I'm only 12 weeks so we weren't expecting to be able to find out anyways, the tech chuckled. And then she chuckled again and told us why. I'm not going to say all the details, because at this point I don't think I'm going to tell what she saw. But the dr came in and said the same thing, and then the next day at my regular ob appointment he saw the same thing as well!! So we found out what we think we are having so far but I go back in a couple weeks again, so we'll confirm it then. But everything looked great. My cervix looked good, which is probably the main thing they are monitoring with me. I will start once a week progesterone shots at 17 weeks. As of now, there is no specific start date for strict bedrest. I am starting to feel pretty good, which my MIL was hoping wouldn't happen, cause I start doing too much. =) But I am still just trying to take it easy, enjoying my days with Devan while Taylor is at school.

Devan started cubbies last night at LOVED it!! It was so cute seeing her so excited and being there with all her little friends. =) Since Taylor is not doing AWANA this year, it gives me special time with just her which we both loved last night. Wednesday Taylor starts her group called Girls of Grace, and then I'll have special time with just Devan. So kinda fun how that works out. Danny is in Wisconsin again, doing a final inspection on some fire trucks that they bought. Looking forward to his return on Thursday. I guess that's all for now!

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