Wednesday, September 14, 2011

So far....

...they think it's a BOY!!!!!! The more I thought about it, most people who read this probably already have heard. We've been hesistant to REALLY be excited because it is still SO early...I can't even believe you can tell already!! BUT his little boy parts are what the ultrasound tech kept giggling at cause he kept showing them off! Then the dr came in a confirmed, but obviously said they aren't allowed to say forsure because it's so early. Then the next day, my ob said boy as well, and that was with his legs crossed. Danny was in shock and really didn't want to believe it. I want to cry every time I think about it, because that again just magnifies the Lord's hand in all of this. My girls have specifically prayed for a baby boy the last couple of years EVERY single night. BUT, if somehow everyone ends up wrong, we will be just as excited for another girl. We are just so thankful to be adding to our family...Lord willing.


  1. Haha! So fun! I figured it was a boy when you said they giggled...that would be so much fun! Excited for you and your family...will keep praying!

  2. Yes! Two little boys running around! I only dream of small images of them being too quiet and us finding them in the back yard covered in mud, exploring, and laughing. We are so happy for you guys! And also hope and pray for a nice long pregnancy.

  3. So exciting! Just saw you were pregnant. Praying for you all! A boy would be so much fun! Boy's are wonderful :) Praying for a smooth pregnancy and trust and rest in the Lord,