Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My little hunter

We went to the river for Dove opener. For those of you who don't know, Sept 1st in the first day you can hunt dove. It has always been a big day for Danny since he was a kid. This year, he got to continue the tradition on with Taylor. Like I've mentioned before, who needs boys?? This little girl got up at 4am with all the guys, decked out in all her camo gear and her new gun. She shot her gun a couple of times, and with the help of her daddy, she shot her first dove. She was quite the trooper and while she did enjoy the experience, if you ask her about it, pretty much all she will tell you is how terribly hot it was. I was especially proud of her this trip because she attempted to waterski!! Something I didn't attempt until I was a few years older than her because I was too afraid. She didn't get up and she got a ton of water in her face. So she didn't really like it, but she did try again. We'll have her up and skiing next summer. =)
Overall it was a great trip.  A couple friends came to hang and go hunting and the grandparents were there so that's always a special treat for the girls.

Pregnancy update: Guess I haven't said much about being pregnant. I think I am still in shock. We prayed about it for SO long and even tried for quite awhile, so it's hard to believe I'm actually pregnant now. It has been such a different experience this time around. I guess when you think you can't have something, and then you find out that you can, and then it takes a really long time to get it, you really appreciate it a lot more, which I am so thankful for. Seeing that heartbeat for the first time was so surreal for both Danny and I. I'm so thankful for the years that we spent praying for wisdom and direction about adding to our family. I'm so thankful for how long it took for me to get pregnant because now, I have SO much peace in the unpredictable and long journey that lies ahead of us.

So far everything is going pretty good. Aside from the fact that I already can't do much before my tummy gets "tired". This time around I am super sensitive to every little thing I feel so I'm just trying to rest a lot and take good care of myself. The girls are SUPER excited. Taylor of course if over the moon. It has been SO special sharing this experience with her. If things went "my way" I never would've wanted my kids this far apart. But "God's way" has been working out much better than I ever would've imagined. Go figure. ;) Devan has actually surprised me how much she talks about the baby. I didn't think she would care too much, but she actually talks about the baby all the time. "Does the baby like spicy?' "Does the baby like ice cream?" She rubs my belly often and gives it kisses already. Pretty cute.

As of now I'm taking progesterone suppossitories twice a day and don't really have any other restrictions than the normal pregnant lady. I go see my highrisk OB on thursday and my regular OB on Friday. I think we'll find out if I'm going to get a cerclage or not. I think at some point instead of suppossitories I will start getting the progesterone shot twice a week. Bedrest is also a forsure thing in my future. We'll deal with that when the time comes. It has been neat already seeing our friends and family offereing to help out. My mom told me the other day that she told her boss that I'm pregnant and that I'll be on bedrest so she'll be needing to help me. It's bringing tears to my eyes just typing it, because it really meant so much to me that my mom would be putting her work on the backburner so she could help us out. There is no way that we would be able to be doing this on our own, so to really truly have the support that we do is such a blessing. Anyways....here's to a LONG pregnancy!!!!! =)

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