Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For my Devan Lee...

This one goes out to Devan. The poor second child. It is totally true that you def. do not take as many pictures of the second child as you did of the first. I feel really bad already for our third kid! So here's out little peanut...who like Taylor, was the most PERFECT baby the whole first year...and then they turn 1. What's funny is that I thought I had my hands full with Taylor from 1 on...until Devan turned 1. I also thought Taylor was the most independent little girl...until Devan came along. For example, both of these girls are really sick right now, so I got the medicine out to give some to Devan. Well she took the medicine dropper thing out of my hand and was trying to put it in the medicine so SHE could do it herself and continued to get mad when I took it from her telling her that I had to do it. Another funny story (which this is probably only funny to Danny and I, so stop reading if you want) but like I said they are both really sick. Well Taylor got sick first and has this AWFUL cough. Well of course Devan wants to be just like her big sister and everytime Taylor coughs, Devan "coughs". Well one moring from a distance, I heard Taylor cough and then Devan coughed after her and Taylor yelled at her "you're not sick, I AM!" Then 2 mornings later Devan woke up sick. Taylor coughed and then Devan did, but this time it sounded like Taylor's cough so Taylor had this look of shock on her face and said "Mommy! Devan's sick like me!" So since it was a legitimate cough this time, it was ok.

So this is one thing I definately did not really notice when we bought this house...the view. Kinda fun to be able to see snow from our house.

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