Sunday, March 22, 2009

Another fun and busy weekend...

It was our nephew Gunnar's 5th birthday party on Saturday. They had a very fun bounce house that had a little obstacle course and a slide. Took Taylor a little while before she got enough courage to jump on in with so many boys in there. Always a good time with Uncle Johnny around! =) Then Saturday night, my coolest brother-in-law in the world had a special night set up for Dawn and I. He surprised us with a night of jammies, a glass of wine, popcorn, gourmet cupcakes and Edward! It was a fun night. Very thoughtfully planned out by Chris! He even came over to our house and hung out, with our kids in bed, while i went and watched the movie at their house because Danny was working. Very fun night with the sis-in-law....and Edward. For those of you who don't know what I'm talking Twilight.

On Sunday, we FINALLY made it to church. We have been wanting to get involved in a church out in our "new valley", but there are SO many good ones out here it has been hard to decide. But we checked out Grace Baptist today and really liked it and Taylor really enjoyed going to Sunday School too!

After church, we headed over to a friend of a friends house where Taylor learned how to ride a motorcycle by herself!!! VERY exciting!! Who needs boys after all!?

Monday we are off to the river with the Cuskey clan! Can't wait to get away and relax!

P.S. Remi is doing much better!!

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  1. Yeah I really dont care about the moments where Gunner turnd Five or Tay-tay riding a momo by herself. I only care about Remi. Just Kidding! How fun, oh and the river...Im jel.