Saturday, June 20, 2009

On a more personal note...

this post is more for myself than anything else. i needed to get a visual reminder as to why it's not a great idea for me to get pregnant again. if i had "normal" pregnancies i would love to be "trying" right now for a third.
as most of you know, i don't bake my babies long enough. for some crazy unexplained reason, i just can't keep them in. we go back and forth constantly about do we try again or make danny's vasectomy appointment? it would be a very long road ahead if we gave it one more try. it would be bedrest at 20 weeks....which how the heck do i do that with 2 other young children, a husband who works days at a time and me, who can't even imagine laying down all day for months having to let other people and my husband do EVERYTHING!!!!! not to mention progesterone shots once a week and whatever else they would do to monitor me closely. and all that doesn't even guarentee us a healthy baby...or a baby at all. probably the scariest reason for not getting pregnant again is the fact that i don't even know that i'm in labor. with taylor i got to the hospital at 9cm dialted and with devan i got to the hospital at 4cm dilated ONLY thanks to my sis-in-law Dawn who put it in my head that day that maybe i should call my doctor. SO with all that said, i think that danny and i have decided to make that vasectomy appointment and put our future of more children or not in the Lord's hands. The Lord know's that we would LOVE to have at least one more. this decision is not easy for us, cause once we make that appointment for danny it is COMPLETELY out of our control to have more kids. danny and i would both like at least 3 kids....BUT we are SO thankful for the 2 beautiful healthy girls that we have been blessed with. Just to put the word out and to keep your ears and eyes open, we would like to adopt. we are not sure when or how...cause it is awfully expensive....but again, it's all in the Lord's hands. so spread the word!!!!

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  1. Ahhh you make me cry! We love you guys and support you in any deciseion you make. We have a feeling that some day you will get your third. In a way you kinda have a third with Sophie; not the same but your her second set of parents. And she loves you guys so much, she tells me everyday!We love you, love you, love you...