Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Since I haven't been consistantly blogging, here are quite a few of my favorite pics from the last month or 2. Today our big girl started preschool. She did great and loved it! It's kind of hard to tell but in the picture below that Taylor colored at school today, in the bottom right corner, she drew Danny, myself, herself and Devan. It is too cute! Believe it or not, that is a sunrise picture and not a sunset picture! Now that Devan is in a big girl bed she likes to wake up a bit earlier now! I am actually enjoying it and getting a lot more done! There's a pic of the fire that we could see from out backyard the other night. Thankfully Danny did not go out on this fire. The pic of Devan flying through the air is one of my favorites. That was Danny throwing the girls onto our bed at The Island Hotel. That's all for now!


  1. Ahh Taylor is growing up too fast!Made me cry when I read your blog, maybe it is the baby hormones left over.Love those girls so much!

  2. Hey girl...thanks for the comment! So sad that they grow so fast! Good to hear from you...I'll add your link to our page...