Tuesday, March 16, 2010

And she's 5...

Happy 5th birthday to my baby! Yesterday was the "official" day which consisted of getting her nails painted, dinner and shopping with Grandma Linda. It was fun, cause it was just the 3 of us. Devan has been quite a handful lately, so it was SO nice to be able to have ALL eyes on Taylor for once! Today was dinner and cake with my family which was a shared celebration with her cousin Gunnar who turns 6 tomorrow! More pics to come... =) LOVE YOU TAY!!!!!!!


  1. Happy Bithday Taylor! She's such a beautiful BIG girl!

  2. Happy Birthday Tay! Oh baby girl we love you so much and are so happy to have you and sissy in our lives. Sophie has the best Godsissys! Hope to see you guys soon.
    p.s. sophie wants Tay to show her how to ride a mo-mo.