Friday, October 15, 2010

The Simple Life...

Went camping at El Capitan. Had a blast!!! Was going to tent it, but Clay and Molly insisted we take their RV. Ok twist our arms. We took it, and thank goodness we did cause it rained ALL night one night! Was SO sad to come back home to all the hussle and bussle. As I have complained before I've been having a hard time adjusting to Tay starting school and just the "busy-ness" of life these days. I don't like HAVING to be somewhere at a certain time on a regular basis. I feel like we have lost SO much of our fun family time and being able to just pick up and go wherever we want, whenever we want. So it was nice to be somewhere just hanging out, discovering new things, riding bikes, being at the beach, doin our own thing together as a family!!

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  1. Awesome pictures! Sorry we were not able to make it, but it would have been so much fun. we must plan for another trip soon so the girls can show off their camping skills.