Tuesday, March 15, 2011


***(this is her bday present from us that SHE actually bought half of. she even quit eating at the cafeteria at school every wednesday to save her money for it. even though we paid for the cafeteria. =-))***
Well, my little girl is turning 6 tomorrow. wow. how funny, i just looked at the time and it was 6 years ago right now that i started going into labor and i thought i had "poop cramps". haha and i tried going back to sleep. these "poop cramps" weren't stopping so we went to the hospital to get them to stop. Long story short, I was 9 cm dialated when I got to the hispital and delivered(via c-section) my 4lb 4 oz baby girl at 32 weeks. More to come on her after tomorrow... =)

Praying for a lot of things lately. A friend of my parents just lost her husband to a nasty bought of cancer yesterday morning. She also just lost her son within the last 6 months also. My Aunt is fighting a nasty bought of pancreatic cancer and is having surgery tomorrow to remove her stints. Also been praying for all the people in Japan. Danny has the opportunity through his friends organization called Reach Out World Wide to possibly go to Japan to help out. On standby waiting to hear if/when they are going. Will keep you posted....

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  1. Wowsers, so much happening! I'm so proud of Tay for her sacrificing her cafeteria lunch for her bike. She is an awesome little girl, with awesome parents! Again, as I do every year, can remember when I first met Taylor. She was so small and fragile. Now look at her! So big, so sassy, and full of so much love. Oh, we love her so.
    We will be keeping your family, and friends in our thoughts and prayers. And as always we keep you guys in our thoughts and prayers too.We miss you terribly and hope to see you soon.