Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Captain Promotion

This blog has been WAY over due for a little update and change. It's not much, but it works for now. I've had SO many things that I've wanted to sit down and blog about, but just haven't had the time. Now that school is out and I don't have anyone to drop off or pick up or anywhere I HAVE to be hopefully I will have more time to write. There is stuff going on in life that I just don't want to forget.
First up is this guy.
I don't normally like to gush about my family, but I'm going to for a moment. This was such a special occasion for Danny and our family, but there was SO much going on in the lives of friends and family close to us that a lot of our attention was elsewhere. To say I am proud to be his wife is an understatement. Danny is such a hard worker and has always provided for our family(all glory be to God for providing Danny with such an amazing job). The opportunity to test for Captain came a bit sooner in his career than he would've liked, but the opportunity came so he wanted to take it and not pass it by. He truly didn't think that he would get the position. Through every step of the testing process he thought "well that's it. I talked about my kids and my sprinkler system in my oral interview." Every step he passed we thanked God and prepared for the next. I don't ever want to forget the morning that he got the phone call that he got the position. Danny got off the phone and jumped 5 feet in the air with excitement! I screamed! What a feeling of accomplishment. We feel so blessed and humbled.
 The day of the badge pinning ceremony was special. Like I mentioned there had been a lot of other things going on, so it was fun for the day to come that we could celebrate Danny. Most of our family and a few close friends came to the ceremony. Danny had asked me if it were ok with me if his dad pinned his badge. I of course said yes! Danny saw it as an opportunity to thank his dad for the example that he was for Danny growing up. His dad was a very hard worker and he wanted to show him how much he appreciated him.
 After the ceremony we headed back home where we had a bounce house, a taco guy, and a backyard FULL of kids, friends and family!
Danny, I love you so much and I am SO proud of you!! Thank you for all that you do! xo


  1. So so cool!!! What a blessing!!!

  2. We love you guys so much! And we are so happy for Danny and his accomplishments, and what it means for your family. Oh, and your blog is adorable!