Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Happenings

I feel like summer is quickly coming to an end...probably because it is. In just 2 short weeks I'm gonna have 2 kids in school all day! So weird!! Summer has been good. We crammed a ton into the 2 1/2 weeks that Danny had off. We've had many great trips to the beach, most days with suprisingly good weather! We headed up to Kingsburg for a few days to celebrate Stetson's 3rd bday as well as see many of our old friends. How fun it was to see how many kids everyone has now and how old they are! It was great seeing Taylor get SO excited to see Marlene and spend time at their house. Brent and Marlene were Taylor's "adopted grandparents" as they didn't have any grandchildren of their own yet, and they took us in as if we were family. So it's cute to see, even though Taylor was too young to really remember, she still has such a thing for them! Danny and I also were able to get away for 2 nights to Palm Springs thanks to a special treat from my parents! Danny's back at work now, but we get to go to the river this upcoming weekend before school starts! And oh my am I have total anxiety about starting this school year! It's gonna be B-U-S-Y!!! And as you all know, I hate busy. So this should be interesting. Taylor starts soccer up next week, and I just found out they practice twice a week, plus 1 game a week. Plus AWANA and 3rd grade being a hard year...I know it's not much to most people, but for me it is. So I'm gonna have to try my best to be oraganized and plan ahead!! :)
**got a zoo pass again**
 **love going to the fish hatchery**
 **this area is our favorite spot there**
 **girls meet The Dog with a Blog at Home Depot**

 **mom and dad only beach day**
 **another nice day at the beach**

 **night away for a wedding**
 **look REAL close on his shirt...little baby lizard**
 **4th of July-Danny worked but we got to do fireworks with family and neighbors**
 **another fun yet chilly day at the beach with friends**
 **summer evenings with my man**

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