Saturday, October 26, 2013

Freebie Devotionals

Since we don't have a million dollars to send our kids to private school, although even if I did I'm not 100% sure I would anyways, and I don't have the patience, discipline or conviction to fully homeschool my kids, that leaves us with our local public school. When Taylor started kindergarten I definately felt like I was feeding her to the wolves. It was hard after 5 years of training and discipline to send her somewhere for half the day where most of our rules and everything we have been working towards would not be enforced.  Church is only 1-2 hours per week so my involvement in leading them spiritually is that much more important. A friend of mine told me about this website and I have found a few gems on it. I have only gone through one lesson so far and have just started another on honesty. Had an incident with Devan the other day where she majorly lied to me. I was devastated. I know she has lied about little things here and there, but this was a blantant lie. Anyways, that lead me to this website once again. We try to do little devotionals every day before they go to school. So if you are looking for something great check this website out! I believe its under printables and bible. I'm sure she has so many other great things to offer, but this is what I have found so far. It's a homeschooling website for those of you interested in the homeschooling thing and even those who aren't interested in homeschooling. ;)  I think that's all for now! Here is the site:

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