Friday, December 4, 2009

Just when I thought my day couldn't possibly get worse..

I have so much I can write, but I have NO energy left to put into words my day whole week really. I have litterally written this out 2 times already only to delete them and start over. So LONG story VERY short...after a week of being home with 2 sick girls and a husband that has pretty much been working since last Friday, yesterday was my most "challenging" day as a mom. It was just one of those days. Just when I thought my bad day was getting better, litterally within 5 minutes Devan spikes a fever, goes pale, eyes start rolling to the back of her head, she's breathing fast, very lathargic, and then starts throwing up but is completely out of it. By this point I called 9-1-1, my brother-in-law chris and norty who live right around the block show up. Paramedics finally arrive and our good friend Ryan Chapin who works for LA County but was off duty showed up too, so he knew most of the guys and told them to take good care of us! =) Get to the hospital, Devan't fever is now 103.5, and after having a chest x-ray we find out she has pneumonia. But what a trooper she was!! Not to compare her to Taylor, but if that were Taylor at 2, she would have been screaming bloody murder from the sight of the firemen through the whole hospital stay. Devan sat on the gurny(sp??) in the ambulance by herself and got a little smirk on her face when she heard the sirens and I told her "it's like Daddy's woo woo!" So we were at the hospital for a couple hours, Danny had met me there and my parents showed up too. Taylor was well taken care of by her "unky" and aunty dawn! Anyways, we are very grateful and thankful that overall Devan is fine!
In other exciting Devan news, she all of a sudden decided to start peeing and pooing on the potty like her big sis!


  1. I'm so glad to hear that Devan is okay. I'm sorry that you all had to go through such a traumatic experience. Yay for Devan using the potty like a big girl!

  2. Oh what a time! We hope Devy gets to feeling better so we can plan a day to play!I think the snow is calling us...Take care, and we love you muy, muy, muy.

  3. I was just perusing through my "favorites" and remembered your blog! I am really glad Devan is ok (I'll be honest, even though I obviously knew she'd be alright, I got panicky and teared up reading it!). I miss you and can't believe how big the girls are!!