Monday, September 20, 2010

Reno Wedding..., the wedding wasn't in Reno. It was the wedding of Chris Reno and Dena DePompa. Thank you C & D for getting married. We had a BLAST!!!! We don't get to dress up very often, so when we get to I love it! I borrowed my mom's smaller camera and it unfortunately died before we even left our hotel room. So these are the only pics I got. Anyways, such a fun night! Beautiful location at the Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve(formerly Ahmanson Ranch) in Calabasas. The food was so yummy...from Rattlers I think. And they bought a ton of random mugs that you drank out of the whole night and then could take home. We pretty much just danced the night away. =) Thank you mom and dad for watching the girls, and thank you Dawn for letting me borrow the super cute outfit, shoes, jewelery AND clutch. =)

**this one's for you dawn!**


  1. This is the cutest blog ive ever seen. ;) im obsessed with the nausha
    Love you guys. Xo
    Dee reno