Monday, January 17, 2011

Best Invention Ever!!!!

I'm sure most of you have heard about this already, but the gel nail polish is AMAZING!!!! My wonderful mom-in-law took me and the girls to get our nails done over the weekend. This nail polish stays on for a LONG time and doesn't chip!! The even better part was that when you are done your nails are immediately dry!! I recently chopped my nails real short so when they grow out a bit more, next time I go I will get a french manicure with the gel. I would always get so bummed out when I would get my nails done and they were already chipping that same day! Not anymore!! Go get it done!!

And this little peanut...the last couple times we've gone to get our nails done, she's clinging to her nana and wanted nothing to do with getting her nails done. For some reason she was ready this time and did it like a pro. She turned the massager on on her chair and was having full on conversations with the lady doing her nails. At the end she told the lady that she forgot to wash her feet! (she saw that taylor and I both got ours done and she didn't do the water part!)

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