Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy 7 years!!!

Where do I begin?? I will try not to make this too long. You all don't really even need to read this...but Danny and I celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary. We headed to Solvang for the weekend. It was a pretty mellow weekend, didn't do anything TOO exciting, except for horse backriding on the way up there in Refugio. That was pretty cool. It almost didn't happen because we got a later start than planned on Friday. It consisted of 2 seperate trips to the doctor that morning only to find out that Taylor had a double ear infection and Devan had one really bad ear infection. Anyways, finally got on the road and made it just in time for a sunset ride. It was beautiful. We then headed to our hotel in Solvang. Sure is an interesting little town. Danny and I checked into our hotel and hit the main street to grab some dinner. It was like 6:30 and it looked like a ghost town. All the shops were closed and Danny and I were the only ones on the street. haha The next day the place was full of people. Apparently it's more of a day place. The shops close by 5:00pm. Not exactly a place I want to go rushing back to, but still a good time. It was just SO nice to be there with Danny giving HIM my FULL attention. Love you babe!!

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  1. Happy anniversary! Seven years has gone by so fast, before you know it will be fourteen.Thank you for being such great friends and Godparents. We love you so much, and hope this year brings more love and laughter to your home.