Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Here we go....

...I'm not so sure I want to be doing this, but I'm going to anyways. I'm also not so sure I want to be starting to do this now, but I'm going to anyways. As of now, we are trying to add one more to our family. After years of praying and research and meeting new doctors, we have decided to "try" to have another baby of our own. For most people that decision wouldn't be a big deal. But for us, it has been a very big deal. Most people know our situation. My baby's come early. The second(30 weeker) came even earlier than the first(32 weeker), and according to "statistics" the 3rd one could come even earlier. Therefore, this has been a very hard decision. I'm not sure why I'm choosing to blog about it. A part of me wants to put our story out there in case there are other people in our same shoes, trying to make a similar decision. I know we will be judged and that's ok. Everyone has their own opinions and that's ok. One reason why I didn't want to write about all of this publicly was the fear of being judged. But here I am, and I'm going to be very real and honest. I probably won't have much to write about in the next couple of months. I think the real journey will begin when and if I actually get pregnant. I will probably end up on bedrest and will have PLENTY of time to update. But for now, this is where we are at in life. We are SO thankful and blessed for the 2 beautiful and healthy girls that we already have, but we feel in our hearts that there is room to love more. We don't feel complete. We pray EVERY day about this situation and wait patiently to see God's plan for our family, no matter what it may be....


  1. It's between you two and Lord! And you know what? You can rest in the comfort of knowing that, if it happens, it was in the Lord's will for it to be so! Praying for you!!!!

  2. I know (since having Madden) what a scary decision it had to be for you and Danny to make. I agree with what your friend Meghan had to say. I wish you nothing but the best. xoxo

  3. Leanna,
    Thanks so much for your honesty! The Lord knows just what is best for your family and it will be exciting to see where HE leads you!!! We totally feel the preemie dilemma too about wanting to have more kids but just not sure, with our history and all... but the Lord knows and He alone will give you the strength and the wisdom!

    Many people will "judge" or look down upon it, but I always wonder if they were in your shoes what would they do... I mean, its super easy to make harsh judgments about people in other situations, and then when you are in them, its totally different! you know?!?

    Anyways, praying for you and your family!!!
    Lots of love to you!! :)

  4. I love you! Thank you for putting it "out there". In reality, who cares what other people think. Especially when they are already shallow and vapid, and inexperienced in life.
    You have way more people whom support you guys than you think. And this support comes from a place of love and devotion.
    You're an awesome family, and I know you will get your baby #3! Love you, muwah!