Sunday, January 15, 2012


Well, we made it to our first goal. I am officially 30 weeks today, although he still has been measuring a week or 2 ahead. Not much has changed here at the hospital. I think this morning marks the official time we needed for the steroids to take full affect. So thankful for that. Thankful for everyday that passes. My time here has been good so far. The nurses have been so wonderful. The girls are doing great. Over the last couple of weeks at home Taylor has been having terrible night terrors again. Like the worst she's ever had. We think it's been a combination of being over-tired during Christmas break and the stress of everything that has been going on. So of course I was extremely worried about her having them while Ive been in the hospital and she hasn't. So that's a huge praise. We told our families the baby's name. I gave my parents the first initial and somehow my dad guessed it. So we shared it with the rest of the fam. Maybe by the time I finish this post I will reveal his name. :) I've tolerated this magnesium sulfate pretty well but I am a little slow at getting things done and a little loopy. :) I had a great time with my MIL and SIL yesterday. They came to keep me company. We played a fun game of hangman so they could figure out the baby's name. Got to take a shower yesterday...a shower hasn't ever felt so good! :) think that's all for now. Today should be another pretty mellow day around here and then tomorrow things may start to change as they start taking me off the mag. For now, I will leave you with this:

M _ _ _ _ _ _ k

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