Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The latest...

...real quick. Went to the dr's today. Everything is pretty much the same. Last Thursday I got switched back to my dose of meds I was in before taking them every 6 hours instead of a bigger dose once a day. Have been feeling a little better since then. There was def. a little more action on the monitor today at my appointment today, which I am sure is due to me being on a lower dose. I take my last dose of meds sunday night. So come monday morning I will wake up and be drug free and anxiously await labor day. My dr seems pretty sure it will be very soon after I stop the medication. So looking forward to what the next week holds for us!

Baby stats from my high risk appt last Thursday: maverick measured 6lbs 1oz. They think he has a lot of hair!! And he was sucking his thumb!


  1. WOW...every update just amazes me! You have come SO far...but remind us again, how far along are you? Continuing to pray for your growing family!

  2. you are almost there...amazing! you are going to have to fill me in on what it feels like to go full term! so excited for you :)

  3. So happy to hear this news. Thanks for the updates! We all love and miss you sooooo much! xoxoxoxo