Monday, February 6, 2012

Setting new records!!

Well, we've made it to 33 weeks!! Never have I been this pregnant before. Kinda funny being in new pregnancy territory, not knowing what to expect, and it being my third pregnancy. Remember how I said before that my favorite part of being pregnant was being able to feel the baby move? Well that was before when the biggest baby I had in me was a sweet 4lb baby girl. Those sweet movements have turned into take my breath away painful karate kicks and stretches from an over 5lb brute of a boy. I know 5lbs is no where close to being a brute, but in my world it is. :) instead of this little guy being in the correct position like most fellow 33 weekers he has decided to stay breech. Therefore kicking and pushing on all my lovely lady parts. I swear, sometimes I feel like he's gonna kick his leg through and be dangling out. Sorry, TMI. So back to the unchartered pregnancy territory...does this only get worse as he gets bigger and stronger? Or do they kinda mellow out and not move as much because they start running out of wiggle room? Anyways, I have a dr appt tomorrow and prob another one on Thursday. Towards the end of this week I will get the steroid booster shot, which I believe I have to go to the hospital for. Think they will monitor for a little bit afterwards because I think the shot can trigger contractions. And since I'm already have contractions being on my meds, wonder what it will do to me...? Today would be a fun day to have Mav because it's his daddy's birthday! Happy birthday Danny!!! Xoxo until next time....


  1. So excited for you all! It's so great to hear 33 weeks!! Glad I remembered to visit your blog....will bookmark it now to stay up to date! Love, love, love you all!!

    Happy Birthday Danny!

  2. Yay! Praise the Lord!
    The kicks and jabs never subsided for me but I've heard other people say they do...maybe with smaller guys they don't, since they never actually run out of room. :)
    I'll be praying for you this week! :)